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Any 6 bottles get 5% OFF

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"ilmiogusto" Rosé Prosecco D.O.C Millesimato Extra Dry - Vegan

An excellent single vintage extra dry Rosé Prosecco Treviso DOC derived from the Glera grape and Pinot Nero. The style of the bottle is elegant and refined, perfect for unique moments and special occasions.

It has a soft bright pink colour. On the nose, it has floral notes of the Glera grape and the fruity red fruits of the Pinot Noir Grapes that stand out. It is delicate, fresh and fragrant. In the mouth, the refined floral and fruity scents are again appreciated. There is a sweet tannin that balances the softness of its extra dryness and invites an immediate pleasant re-tasting and wanting more. Fresh with a subtle and persistent perlage. This wine is perfect as an aperitif alone, with appetisers and fish first courses. Ideally served at a temperature range of 6-7°C.



"ilmiogusto" Rosé Prosecco D.O.C Millesimato Extra dry 11% (Vegan)

The Prosecco Moletto winery is located between the distinctive hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene which is located in northern Veneto towards the foothills of the Alps. This area is known worldwide as the heart of Prosecco and now recently has become a Unesco World Heritage Site. In this region, the warm climate and occurring rainfall combined with the steep, well-drained slopes of limestone, clay and sandstone make it the perfect environment to grow the Glera grape. Founded in 1900, over the years different generations have helped grow and constantly improve the estate which is now a leader in quality for the region, producing a range of styles which include one of the region’s driest wines alongside a fantastic and excellently priced vintage release. While firmly rooted in tradition, their winery is equipped with the latest technological innovation to ensure consistently high levels of quality.   WINEMAKING AND FOAMING The pressing takes place after the grapes are harvested by hand from late August to the start of September, gathered from vineyards and transported to the winery. It’s accomplished by sophisticated equipment that gently presses the grape so only the free-running juice from the heart of the berry is extracted. After the pressing, the turbid must is left to rest in stainless steel tanks and chilled to a temperature of 50°F (10°C). After approximately 10-12 hours, the limpid part of the must is separated from the deposits and fermentation begins. The vinification takes about 10 days and is completed in stainless steel tanks at a constant temperature of 65°F (18°C). The limpid Prosecco still wine is foamed adding specially selected yeasts and the correct quantity of sugar needed to obtain the required amount of bubbles. The whole process takes about 20-25 days at a constant temperature of 60-65°F (15-18°C), once sparkling is obtained it is chilled at 25°F (-4°C) for 3 days, and it is then filtered and bottled.


Product Information:

Percentage (ABV): 11 %

Origin: Italy
Region: Veneto (Province of Treviso) (Padova) (Venezia)
Winery: Moletto
Grape: Glera 85%, Pinot Nero 15%
R/S: 15-17 g/lt
Acidity: 4.8-5.2 g/lt
Bottle Size: 750ml
Closure Type: Cork
Allergy Advice: Contains Sulphites
Style: Light Sparkling Rosé (Extra Dry)
Occasion Best Suited: Casual, Birthdays, Weddings, Events, Celebrations

Serving Advice: 6-8°C Serve upon opening.