AnimA Anastasia Blonde Ale 750 ml

£8.80 Inc. VAT

AnimA Anastasia Blonde Ale 750 ml

£8.80 Inc. VAT

An ale that is delicate, thirst-quenching and intricately simple. No spices, smooth and a light touch of hops with a delicate body. Resulting in a triumph of enchanting flavours. An exceptional beer for every occasion.

Recommended Food Pairings: Combines well with fish, vegetables and poultry.

“Bringing you high quality natural craft beers from the microbrewery AnimA in Piemonte, Italy. These have won numerous of the biggest international craft beer awards. AnimA ales are unfiltered, unpasteurised and refermented using only the strictest techniques.”

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AnimA Philosophy

We are sons of land that is generous, we are stubborn and at the same time patient and totally dedicated to the belief in quality. Every day we concentrate our whole energy into producing a beer of utmost quality. We are committed to constantly search to improve in order to not just to quench a thirst, but to create moments of true gastronomic pleasure.

Q = log (P)
Quality is a logarithm of passion

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