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Bellissimo Vino Edinburgh Does Craft Beer!

Craft Beer is Here!

We are so excited to introduce our brand new award-winning craft beer from Anima, brewed in the famous winemaking region of Piemonte, exclusive to Bellissimo Vino!

A young company that started in 2015, the founders put their knowledge together and created 6 special beers with the names of very influential people: Anastasia, Cleopatra, Leonardo, Newton, Mozart and Dante. (Blonde, Amber and Red beer)

Finest Ingredients

They use only natural and high-quality ingredients.

1. Crystal Clear Alpine Water
2. Barley Malt
3. Hops
4. Yeast​

Refreshing Tastes

The beer is produced slowly with care and refermented in the bottle after corking, the carbonation is natural from the yeast - no CO2 is injected. Furthermore, no spices are used.

The taste does not follow any foreign beer styles. It is elegant and tasty like wine, but refreshing like beer. Each beer taste has been created specifically to accompany various Italian foods.


The bottles are prosecco-style: Cork, cap and cage – unique and a 1st in the world.

⠀⠀ These craft beers are the equivalent of fine wine and we know you are going to love them!